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2015 has been a long year, 364 days ago, i was worried about different issues, obsessed about different things and living around different people. a lot of things have changed, a lot of things have happened, the good and the bad. 

maybe it’s because i’m not in a really good state of emotions right now, so i see the year as relatively shitty, but to think back again, i’ve accomplished some great milestones, and i’m grateful for all the love and support that i got for achieving it.

the thing that was bothering me the whole year was if i’d ever find someone to love again. and even though it’s a long story of embarassment and mild heartbreaks, i figured i’d just leave it at that. fuck love. they say what’s yours will come to you, it doesn’t have to happen now, it’ll happen in the right time. so no, i do not plan on searching for someone to love next year. it’s time to focus on me.

anyways, this year, i graduated high school. i got into a university that i thought was lame, monash. i met new people, who i thought was lame too, because of their innocence and polar opposite personalities to the friends i had in high school. but no. the school and the people were not lame. my attitude was. 

2015 is a shitty year because i made it a shitty year. it was my fault i didn’t apply to a better school. it was my fault i didn’t plan ahead. the worst part of it all, i kept lying to myself. it’s true, i don’t have a lot of fighting spirit. so in 2016, i plan on striving for the best. to study my ass off, to focus on me. live a healthy life, focus on my family. hangout with positive people who gives positive vibes. block out all the negativity. 

and when it hurts, i’ll probably cry, and maybe blog about it. but i will not let anyone get in the way of my happiness. because i am the most important person in the world to me. and nobody has the right to take that away from me.

+ i got a beagle called kono she’s so cute omgggg #bestthingabout2015

up and about in my new life

Ok no, i am not reincarnated or anything, but i just feel brand new so yay!

It’s been a while since i’ve blogged and i see noone’s reading my blog anymore (i hope) so i can finally have some space.

While i was gone in the real world and not blogging, i did so many happy things! (And sad)

I got into a university! (Finally right?)

Said my ‘see you later’s to a bunch of friends who are off to uni/college


Along the way, i’ve also made new friends and connections, and found a whole new level of me that i’ve never seen before.

In high school, i’ve always underestimated myself because of all the smart and studious people and i’ve always assumed that i was just meh.

But apparently not! I can do better here with a little bit more effort. Like what i told laura, i realize that i have a brain. HA HA HA

Besides that, i’ve celebrated my birthday (sleepover) with no maids! (Imagine that) yes, i sound so spoiled but you haven’t lived in indonesia if that sentence sounds abnormal to you.

Oh and i almost flunked an accounting test because of a super fun hangout at my friend’s but it was so worth it #noragrets

So far in uni, everything is great and i can finally be my self and be respected for it so yay i’m happy! Thanks to my old school i guess, who i did call hell hole high (sorry old school) but well, no pain no gain?

As for my love life, it is currently on hold and you can say, non existent. And i plan to keep it that way for quite some time because well, i’ve never been this productive and cheery in a very long time, and i don’t recall being like this when i was dating. So yay #singleandhappy

Other that that, my future seems brighter than before and well, let’s just see what’s gonna come along the way! 

If anyone’s reading, please leave a comment or personal message! Just to let me know 🙂 

So long for now, i gotta go study for my everflowing tsunami of quizzes!